Thursday December 15, 2016
Point Leaders 2016 announced at PRI Show
NADM Staff

Many do not know but DIESEL Motorsports does keep track of points earned at each event for drag racing and sled pulling during the season. We do award point winners for different classes and they are recognized on our social media plus our web site. These are competitors who normally win or place high in the competitions. These awards were presented at the DM booth at the PRI Show this year along with other awards.

The pulling truck with the most points for the 2.6/3.0 Class for 2016 is Jake/Joe Slingluff in their Empty Pockets pulling truck from Pennsylvania. This truck built by the Slingluffs in their barn has won many pulls across the Midwest and Eastern states.

Itís a 2001 Dodge with a 5.9 Cummins boasting about 1600 horsepower with many modifications for this class. These trucks are trailered in strictly for competition and are not built for the street. This truck is very noticeable because of the wild color and paint scheme on it!

The 2.5 Class was awarded to James Etgen in his 2006 Dually Dodge from Ohio. James consistently pulled over 300 ft most of the season in his 5.9 Cummins puller appropriately named Dirty Silver. James represents his family and Etgen Farms, which sponsor the truck.

Winning the Points Championship 2016 for the Unlimited Heads-Up Class is Bruce Block for the third year in a row. Bruce has been a major drag racer for over 12 years in the diesel market attending all races competing for the win at all costs.

Bruce in his 2004 Dodge Ram is one of the few racers who has left his truck intact as a real OEM truck as far as body, bed, and suspension and still is able to compete against much faster trucks. Bruce continues to win with fast times, close reaction times and the ability to outlast other trucks in that class. Being able to have not only a tough truck, and the ability to make 4-5 passes at each race gives Bruce the edge in the competitions.

Bruce owns his own company B&B Tooling in White Pigeon Michigan. Bruce is always improving his drag truck and easily reached speeds of 144-149 mph this season.

The 12.0 Index Quick Diesel Class was awarded to Larson Miller of Firepunk Diesel in Ohio. Winning 1st in two different Regional events gave him enough points in his 900 hp Dodge to win the points championship.

Top Diesel Points Champion goes to Greg Hogue with is GM Performance Duramax Rail dragster winning two Regional events running in the 4 and 5s in the 1/8 mile. Greg has spent many days getting this unit down the track and it is impressive to watch.

Every winner has a lot of dollars in these vehicles, much more in them than they win even going to every event all summer long. That is why it is important for your shop to send trucks to the events so your customers can get noticed along with your business.