Thursday December 15, 2016
Brady Williams inducted into DM HALL of FAME
NADM Staff

Inducted into the DIESEL Motorsports Hall of Fame for 2016 is Brady Neal Williams of Industrial Injection. Brady passed in August of this year from health issues and will be missed by many in the industry for not only his work but also his love of the sport in the diesel marketplace.

Brady and Industrial Injection has been a sponsor of DIESEL Motorsports since it’s inception and continued to offer guidance and monetary support for the diesel drag racers and pullers throughout the country.

Brady Williams and his wife Jerolyn started their business Industrial Injection in March of 1985 in Salt Lake City. They started out doing modest diesel rebuilds on injection pumps, turbos and injectors in order to help local miners, farmers and construction workers with horse power gains, fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Industrial Injection’s first performance modifications in the 80s was to the GMC/Chevy DB2 injection pumps so the trailer industry could have more power pulling their loads. This was huge for the RV/horse trailer industry for those who in that location needed additional power for the mountains.

Brady then was one of the first to add performance honing to the 7.3 Ford Diesel injectors in the 90s again for the trailer/pickup industry and continued to add the other OEM brand injectors to the product listings. Today Industrial Injection is considered to be one of the top producers for performance injectors for all three OEM brands.

What propelled Industrial Injection into the next century with a huge boost for providing performance to the diesel industry was the introduction of the Silver Bullet Phat Shaft Turbo in the year of 2000. This product and many more has contributed to their success as becoming the largest Master Distributor for Borg Warner and other turbo brands.

Just a few years ago Brady started to offer crate diesel engine blocks (short, long and finished) for all three OEM brands with the shortest replacement build times in the country (less than 5 days). It’s a huge new part of Industrial Injection’s business going into the future while still offering the best OEM diesel replacement products that is distributed across the country.

Brady and Jerolyn had their sons work in their business from the ground up experiencing and knowing all factions of their business. With the passing of Brady he has left his business in good hands with his sons Shane, Cody and Brett Williams along with his wife Jerolyn working to continue Brady’s legacy in the diesel industry.

Brady will be missed for his imagination and being innovative in the industry but many of us will miss his positive personality and his love of life. Just ask me about his most favored story about being the famous polygamist (in jest) from Salt Lake City at the ADS Convention at the Wynn Casino bar one afternoon. Only he, myself and another young man Chad Gillis was there so we can only tell the entire story correctly! It’s these stories plus being the best in the industry for diesel performance products that will keep our memory alive of Brady Neal Williams.

That is why Brady Neal Williams will be inducted into the DIESEL Motorsports “Hall of Fame” for the year 2016 at he PRi Show. Only three others have been deemed for this selection in the past years.

Past inductees for the DIESEL Motorsports “Hall of Fame” have been Dave Mitchell, Nowel Thomas and Scott Bentz. All of these people were a first in diesel performance in some form and contributed greatly to form what the sport is today.